Klonopin – What happens if you overdose it?


As of now, many people suffer from various health conditions that disrupt daily life significantly. Anxiety and seizures are one such condition where people set out to use various medications to treat these conditions effectively. You can always buy Klonopin, as it is a well-known prescription medication for anxiety. But before you start using it, you will have to consult with a doctor on the usage and other information. Some people use Klonopin without consulting a doctor or even without a prescription, due to which they might not have any idea about the dosage. As a result, they might overdose on the medication, which might lead to harmful effects on health.

  • Overdose

If you overdose on Klonopin due to various reasons, you might face severe adverse effects. During this time, you will have to seek immediate assistance from a doctor to get to know how the symptoms of overdose could be treated. Some of the overdose symptoms include breathing issues, dizziness, drowsiness, and confused thoughts. These are only some of the side effects and you might also face other effects which you need to discuss with your doctor. But on facing any of these effects, you must seek help.

  • Important information

If you have a friend or get to know someone who suffers from anxiety and other issues, you must not recommend this medication or share it without the advice of the doctor, for this act is punishable under the law and it might also lead to various hazards. On using the medication, your doctor might track the progress and suggest an increase in the dosage. For more information on the same, get in touch with your doctor.

  • Missed dose – What to do?

Most of the people tend to forget their medicine and it is not a huge blunder. You can always take the dose whenever you realize you have forgotten to take one. However, if you remember it very late, then you should skip the missed dose since consuming one at the time of the next dose can lead to overdose due to extra doses at one time.

  • Klonopin storage

This medication must be placed in an airtight container or the right place which is at room temperature. Please keep it away from moisture, dust, and light. This medication must be placed safely at a place which is accessible only by you. Do not keep it at the reach of children. Also, check for the expiry date before you start using this medication. If it has expired, then make sure you discard it properly and buy a new one.

This is the essential information that you ought to know when it comes to Klonopin overdose. Please make sure to keep them in mind before using it.

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