You must already be aware of the fact that Klonopin and Clonazepam are medications used in the treatment of seizures, anxiety attacks, and panic disorders, which mostly occurs in adult people. Each disorder might be different from one another and hence, respective dosages need to be consumed for desired effects. If you have set your mind to take this medicine, then please follow the dosage instructions based on the disorders you suffer from.


Seizure disorders

This is a common type of disorder, which engulfs most of the adults at a particular age. Some of them use medications like these to get rid of the situation. However, a difference in the dosage persists during consumption.

For Adults

If you are an adult and you suffer from an issue of seizure disorder, then you must receive a prescription from the doctor where the dosage doesn’t go above 1.5mg per day. This dosage can be taken in three divided amounts with significant intervals between each dosage. The dosage might vary based on individual body conditions and it also depends on how the patients respond to the treatment. A high dose of 20mg is recommended by doctors in some cases.

Pediatric patients below 10 of age

To reduce the impact of the side effects of this medication, you can always go for accurate dosage while starting to take this medication. If your age is below 10 and you weigh less than 30kg. Then a dosage between 0.01 and 0.03 mg would be apt without the higher-end crossing above 0.05mg in a day.

The doses need to be divided up to two or three dosages based on the patient. The dosage must be followed and it must not be increased without the doctor’s approval. Also, if you are increasing it, do not go beyond the limit of 0.5mg per day in any case. The equal division of these doses in very necessary and if not applicable, then the largest dose can be consumed before sleep.

Geriatric patients over 65 of age

Persons above the age of 65 should use this medication only in low doses. The precautions must be analyzed before this medication is used for any of these purposes. Please read the precautions carefully and then administer this medication in proper doses to the aged people for anxiety and other issues.


The above-mentioned information talks about the proper dosage that you will have to follow for seizure disorders. Once you are aware of these facts, then you can buy Klonopin or Clonazepam for anxiety-related disorders. Before starting to use this drug, please make sure you have proper awareness of the dosage and usage of the respective medication.